Qbeezo is a site specializing in graphic design for the use of outputs on social media sites. The idea is submitted by customers who wish to obtain the designs within the following terms and conditions:

Receipt of applications: Applications are received within the approved application form for this purpose only

Design Idea: Qbeezo site offers designs based on a specific idea from the client and never provide an idea for the content of the design, excluding the textual content necessary to design the publication

Modification and adaptation: The site grants the client the right to submit a request for amendments to the final outputs once.

Intellectual Property: The final outputs are the intellectual property of the customer and no third party has the right to attribute them.

Fees: Fees are paid In no case will the fees paid for this service be refunded.

We know very well how it should be: Qbeezo team of experts in graphic designs and works with a high level of craftsmanship and perfection and provides designs according to special standards of quality cannot be waived and provide a low level even if requested by the client himself…